4 easy ways to spot a fish


  • LIMP
    player enters the pot in a limp when he acts first in a hand is a decent indicator that he is weak in poker. You must isolate such players in a position with a huge range of hands.
    unusual betting on the preflop can easily identify a fish. The standard preflop raise by any competent player would be in the 2-4 BB range. If you notice that a player opens the pot with a 10 BB bet with a UTG, he is a fish.
    a chatbox may seem like a pointless waste of space on your computer screen, but take a closer look at it and it will show you the way to easy money.
    fish like to call. Whether it’s a gutshot, a bottom pair, a flush draw, or just a king-high, there are thousands of players at the tables, and no matter what the circumstance, they hit the call button.