New app Suprema Poker


We have been testing it for a long time and are ready to present it!

Suprema Poker has been on the mobile app market for six months now, and is one of the top mobile poker rooms in terms of both service and traffic.

Suprema was created on the basis of several large Brazilian clubs from the Liga Suprema union at PPPoker, at the time of opening the platform already had a large number of players who had switched to them from PPP.

The advantage of this application is its field, the application is widely popular among amateurs from Latin America.

A large selection of games, Hold’em and Omaha, as well as Heads Up, a format that is now a little found on Suprema, is popular.

Regarding the look of the app, no new solutions that distinguish it from others have been noticed.
Prime time is late at night and early in the morning European time.

Our players have a great opportunity to try themselves at the tables with players of Latin America, who mostly play on this platform.

ID 19719
1 chip = 1 BRL
Rake Back up to 60%